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Boston Computer School

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What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not pursuit of the child.

Boston Computer School is the leading and the premier Online Training provider, which offers you training in all IT Courses like Oracle, PeopleSoft, Data Warehousing, Networking and Administration etc for the students all over the world.

Boston Computer School is a Training Institute dedicated to providing high quality and cost effective training to the Local Community, Global and the Business Enterprise.

We got 1000+ instructors round the globe and our wide range of services includes supervised training by qualified, expertise and real-time instructors, who got 5-10 years of Industry Experience and 4-8 years of Teaching Experience.

A diversified, experienced and motivated talent pool of over 1000 consultants, work cohesively to deliver trainings and guidance’s across the globe. Despite the reach and the global spanning capabilities of our delivery centers, we are large enough to be resourceful and small enough to be flexible, making us the most dynamic and highly adaptable training Company and we are completed 400+ online training batches successfully.

We understand and train according to the Current Employment Market, adapt to future changes and get a right job and to facilitate the assured careers. The course material is custom prepared to match our curriculum and the step-by-step approach helps practice the skills taught in class.

We also provide placement assistance for the students to get into the projects.